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The manufacture of handles has always required great craftsmanship. Tecosur has incorporated new technology into the manufacturing of its products, thus achieving a highly positive result. From the totally automated and computer-controlled casting of our pieces through to the painstaking assembly, there are many control stages that ensure high end quality. The speed of our deliveries permits our clients to achieve sales efficacy.

By applying thermosetting resins, a finish is obtained with unalterable colour, rust-proof, resistant to salt-laden atmospheres, chemical agents and friction, avoiding the adherence of fungi and microorganisms.

The purpose of anodisation is to artificially create a 15 micrometer thick protective layer on aluminium. This aluminium layer, which is very hard, transparent and porous, is also impervious to water, to air and to most chemical agents.

LT (Polished brass) Natural finish obtained by polishing and brightening a special high purity brass that is afterwards protected with a heavy duty lacquer.
CR (Chromed brass) A hard chrome layer is deposited by electrolysis on the base surface of brass.

Due to its well-known features, stainless steel does not require any special treatment. Its finish is obtained by polishing or matting its surface.

NM (Nickel Matt) Sating finishing obtained by the immersion of brass into a nickel bath.

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